First stop, Nashville TN – Music City

I promised myself.. to only write when I felt inspired and tonight I do. I just spent the last 21 days in Nashville, Tn.

Let me begin to start on the experiences that I had. I came to Nashville on Greyhound that took 24 hours. Let me remind you that it only takes 12 hours from Houston and this was a 24 hour bus ride. My Google searches consisted of ‘What does a tear drop not filled in mean?’. I learned how to throw enough shade to get your own seat. I met a sweet girl named Alex who was on the bus to attend her father’s funeral. When I arrived I was sitting in the kitchen of a friends, Thursday the 12th, talking about how I wanted a job. Low and behold I am working that night as a personal assistant to an NFL player. My duties over the next few weeks included, meal prep, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, playing ping pong, whatever he wanted and being a friend. If you want to know where to have the hottest brunch, it’s Tavern followed by Kung Fu. Want to grab drinks at a roof top bar? La Jackson. A great spot for a romantic vibe… Old Glory. Lobster bisque… Brick Top. I went on a very silly date followed by a Texas favorite, Whiskey Myers, concert. Had a bad ass driver who claimed his stardom to Nash Vegas was, ‘The man of leisure’ who was friends with a liberal attorney for MLK back in the day. I learned that most musicians hate their hit singles. I got an ear piercing by a man named T-Bone (which I fainted TWICE getting.. pictures below)

Even more I learned that my life has changed already. I’ll never forget my girlfriend Cirby told me how slow I am now. It is so funny to me because most people back in Houston would probably describe me as a spastic (hahaha). Back where I lived I was constantly moving with purpose and a light under my ass. Now, I drive slower, I move calmer, I feel lighter.

Tonight I felt inspired to write. I watched the Bachelor with good friends. I looked around the room of people laughing (mostly at Corinne) and couldn’t help but feel a little sad that I was going to miss everyone, all the friends that I have made and that I am leaving behind. I randomly wake up with a huge wave of anxiousness thinking I am late to work only to remember I have nothing to worry about. I continue to check my email only to see it is Victoria Secret emailing me the latest discount. 

I just got off the phone with my girlfriend, Jordan, who described it perfectly. It’s like jumping off a diving board for the first time. You are so scared to do it. But once your body is under the water you think about how good it feels. I trust that the decision of leaving a life that I created, friends that I’ve made, a financial choice, is worth it.

I told myself to keep these blogs short, and maybe I will. I also wanted to keep these funny. But these are my moments. My experiences. Un-candid, for the most part (my parents are reading these lol) but this is my life. And in less than a week I am boarding a one-way flight to Nicaragua. HOLY SHIT hahahahah. Like is that nuts? But I cant wait. Thank you to my time in Nashville and on to the next adventure yall!!!!

Budget: $50 a day

Total: $1,100

Over: $100

(I had a job so when all said and done I made $1,000 so only spent $100 while I was here! Cirby’s theory was that means I have $900 to spend… haha. Her husband and I disapproved.)

Boarding the Greyhound from Dallas
At Kung Fu with Cirby, me, Blair and Jenn
Rooftop at LA Jackson
Cirby, Jenn, and me
Just moments before I fainted…
Amazing winery in Arrington, Tn
Tonight’s Bachelor watch party. Peyton, Cirby, me


12 thoughts on “First stop, Nashville TN – Music City

  1. I am so proud and excited for you!
    LOVED reading this! Miss you and your beautiful smile and self. 😃
    Have a blast, take it all in and be safe!
    God Bless
    Love ya


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