Gira de Nicaragua

Hola amigos!

Tomorrow celebrates my first week down since I decided to quit my 8-5, party on the weekend followed by Sunday scaries, rinse and repeat, life. Right now I am in San Juan Del Sur sitting in a sweet 1976 Crusier watching my amigo’s, Josh, baseball game. Just last Friday I had a full on melt down where it felt like I was getting hit like a wave (surfers would say getting “worked” haha) because of the life I was leaving behind. I boarded the plane that Monday, put on “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf, (want the full effect? stop what you’re doing and put that song on!) had my hand over my mouth as I took off with a WTF look on my face and haven’t looked back since. To give you a mental picture of what Nicaragua is like it’s full of vibrant colors. Rather it is from the trash on the streets, the beautifully painted buildings or the lush plants. I’ve felt pretty safe for the most part. Worst thing that has happened was getting pulled over by the policía, which was no big deal at all. Josh says that it happens just because you’re a gringo sometimes. My Spanish is very poco however I’m trying to learn as much as possible. I can successfully order food and rojo vino all day. My diet consist of gallo pinto, (rice and beans) pollo y plantains. 
First night was in Managua. I landed around 9pm so Sketch (Or he goes by Josh, but that’s another story for another time) picked me up from the airport and went to go grab some drinks and head back to the hostel. I don’t think there really is too much to do in Managua. 

Next stop was one of my favorites for sure, Laguna de Apoyo. It’s a lagoon inside of a volcano. But for $60 we got the most bad ass room. I would recommend staying at SelvAzul to anyone! We had our own pool and jacuzzi inside of an open aired room that was one of the coolest places I’ve ever stayed. 
Granada is a unique town. Another place that doesn’t seem like there is too much to do. However we went to an awesome Cigar Factory called Mombacho. This is their only factory. I learned so much about the TLC that goes into a hand rolled cigar. 

SUPER SIDE NOTE: when we were there they have a ‘wall of fame’ and there was a picture of Mark Cuban smoking a Mombacho cigar after the Mavericks won the championship game. I messaged him on Instagram saying what a small world it was and he messaged me back!!! I think I was on cloud 9 for 48 hours so I needed to brag one last time. 

Popoyo was interesting. Sketch and I picked up his buddy from the airport and we headed out there. It’s definitely off the beaten path. We surfed a little (I did get up, but people ride bulls longer than I stood. Still a work in progress haha) 

Where most of my time will be is this bad ass surf town called San Juan Del Sur. The atmosphere here and the people are so cool. It’s nice Sketch has been here for about 8 months because he is already really apart of the community here. 

As far as my next moves, I’m not too sure. I feel more timid right now about jumping on a chicken bus solo to Honduras but that could change in a week. I have learned already that you must have a strong sense of confidence. The people you surround yourself with really has an impact of your experience. As Josh says, do what feels good. And that’s my motto for now. 

PS- I LITERALLY just saw my first monkey while writing this. Life is complete. 

My current writing views at Sketch’s game
The picture I sent Mark Cuban while smoking the same cigar!
Sunset with Schuyler and Josh
Mark Cuban smoking his Mombacho
Rolling the cigars
First day at the hostel in Managua

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