Three countries, one week.

YOOO! I’m still alive, can you believe it?! So I have made a few accomplishments thus far. 1. I can take a cold shower without squealing every time. 2. I caught my first real wave. 3. I use less than 1GB of data lol. Things that I am still working on… 1. My Spanish 2. Standing up on a surf board long enough to grab a picture so I can act like I do that all the time. The things that I find putting a smile on my face as of late is hot water, free soap, AC and if they have free shampoo that is a solid bonus. I am currently in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and absolutely love it here. I’ve spent the last week traveling through Guatemala and Belize. Made some bad ass friends in between. SHOUT OUT Lauren, John and Landon (hahah). Sketch and I booked our flights for round trip to Guatemala through travelocity for $200. Literally just googled places to go in Central America, liked what we saw, and were on a plane the next day. Travel tip, you can book a cheaper flight by booking a flight that has your intended destination as a layover and getting off the plane. You just can’t check your bags! This is callled the “hidden-city” and can help you save big time. So let’s dive into what the hell I’ve been doing the last week.


Guatemala City I am not too sure what I had imagined Guatemala to be like but I must say that it was way more developed (and I felt safer) than I had expected. They had the bad ass little market where I grabbed lunch underground. Met the sweetest older man who walked a few blocks with us named Oscar. He looked 45 but just turned 65 and was about to retire from teaching English. He said his dream was to go to Italy, Spain and France for a year.

Flores/Tikal HOLY SHIT this place is amazing. Definitely a bucket list item. We went to go see the Mayan Ruins. Which is absolutely breath taking and incredible. There are Ruins all around Belize and Mexico too but I would highly recommend if you plan to cross that off your bucket list go to Flores. We had a bad ass tour guide named Jario, who called me a loco chica because I kept taking selfies haha. The Ruins were built 600AD. That is a long freaking time ago!

Antigua Is a must if you’re going to be in Guatemala. It is such a cute town. Everything is so vibrant with colors and also felt very safe here. I went on a little hike to Parque Cerro de La Cruz and got the best view overlooking all of Antigua. While I was walking around Antigua I got a little lost and this kid who was maybe 15 tried to help me. He walked a few blocks with me and it was so cool because neither one of us could speak each others language but yet we were still laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


Caye Caulker With the exception of my love for San Juan this was hands down my favorite place. It is SUPER safe and everyone speaks English. Kind of nice to put my guard down for a bit. We took a little a bus from Flores to Belieze City which cost… a whopping $25 hahah. Kills me how cheap the buses are. From Belieze City we took a water taxi that cost $10 for about 45 minutes to Caye Caulker. We did an amazing booze cruise where we met John and Lauren. Nothing like a killer sunset and some punch constantly overflowing in your cup to make some amazing memories with new life long friends. The next day we went snorkeling. I SWAM WITH SHARKSSSS. Notice the “S”. There were multiple. Another memory that I will have forever.

So right now I am just getting engrained with San Juan del Sur. It’s pretty cool to get to have a more “local” experience than just passing though. We have taco Tuesday and Pizza night Friday’s. Talk about meeting people. I have met some of the coolest people over the last few days and can’t wait to continue that. I keep having these moments where I am like, “where am I?” Which cracks me up. I seriously enjoy the little accomplishments I have been making. From standing up on the board to walk into a store and ordering my own food and paying on my own without hand gestures lol.

As I just sat here and proof read (lmao don’t judge that I proof read and there are still a million grammar mistakes) out loud to Sketch we both agree that in no way does this totally capture what it has been like the last few days. No picture can capture what I see when I walk outside or the stars at night. I would only probably bore everyone if I truly made an attempt at describing everything the way that I see it in my eyes. This is hands down the best decision I ever made.

PS- I am starting to take a picture of me and the local beer in every country! Does anyone else do something really cool to remember where all they have been?


3 thoughts on “Three countries, one week.

  1. I am so loving reading of your adventures! It is wonderful to live vicariously through you and be able to experience some of what you are experiencing. Your words and the pictures tell a wonderful story and I feel privileged to share in this journey with you. I love you so much!


  2. Girl I am living vicariously through you. The pictures are amazing and the places you are visiting look beautiful. So very jealous. Ive recently started taking sand/ gravel from places I’ve visited to put in a cool jar and label each place to remember them by. That might be cool to do with all the amazing places you’ve been and bring something back with you.


  3. Love how you are doing YOU boo boo! This is something you’ll have FOREVER that barely anyone has the faith to take. LOVE IT!


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