Adios Nicaragua. Hola Costa Rica!

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I seriously LOVE traveling. I am sure that is pretty obvious. But I don’t think my soul has ever been more fed. LIKE THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!! Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?! Oh yeah, didn’t have money haha. Anyways, every single post I write, I have some solid tunes and a great glass of Cabernet but today I am jamming to my newest fav “New Eyes by Cbdb” so please go ahead and put that song on while reading. BUT today, instead of wine, I am having the most amazing blueberry smoothie with coconut cream, concentrated milk (YUM) and coconut flakes.

This last week has been seriously amazingggg. But before I jump on that I wanted to make sure to add Ometepe, Nicaragua in my notes. That was one of the last places I traveled too while I was there and it was so cool! Met these really funny Germans, Ramin and Till, rented scooters and rode around this volcanic island. Took a chicken bus from San Juan del Sur for $3 to Rivas and grabbed a taxi to the ferry. Which was about an hour and I think $5! For the over achievers it is supposed to be one of the most bad ass active volcanos to climb… for like 11 hours (NO THANK YOU) haha.

So where the hell am I now? Tamarindo, Costa Rica! But before I left Nicaragua I had such a blast my last week. My newest good friends, Bradley and Cody, who are step brothers, came to San Juan del Sur. Brad and I went to Texas State together but only knew each other in passing. A mutual friend, Cree, put us in touch! Such a small world. We went to Sunday Funday which is an absolute MUST if you are going to San Juan del Sur. It’s $30 and they take you to like 3 different pools and a bar. It is a marathon not a race let me tell you! Aside of partying, we surfed, BBQ’d, Taco Tuesday, rode around the Motos and went fishing all day for only $40! I caught two big ass fish… Okay I lied. I caught a buzz, some sun rays and many laughs. Leaving them and everyone I met and Sketch was really hard. Sucks when you start to make so many great friendships in such a beautiful town. I will miss everyone in San Juan very much but I will always cherish those memories! And boy did we make them hahah.

So now on to Tamarindo, Costa Rica! Hahaha the last 48 hours have been very interesting and so fun to say the least. Friday afternoon I get dropped off at 11:00 to catch a truck to drive me to the boarder of Costa Rica from Nicaragua. I then sat at the boarder for two hours to jump on a bus to take me to Liberia. That cost me $35 and crossing the boarder was very easy. Just remember you have to have a return ticket to enter Costa Rica! From there I walked to another station to catch a chicken bus to take me from Liberia to Tamarindo. That cost $2.50 but I didn’t have any money so this guy, Anton, bought it for me. THANKS ANTON! We sit next to each other on the bus and he was like want some wine? Let me tell you as a backpacker when someone offers you a drink (that is not ruffled obviously haha) you take it! So why not, do it for the blog haha. Anton and I share a swig of vino and a random conversation. He is currently trying to get this girl to be just his girlfriend however she is what is considered “polygamy”. Haha, oh the things you learn and people you meet while traveling. I finally get to where I need to be and let me say I feel very much like a bad ass. I am confident that for some it is no problem to do what I did, but hey I’m proud of myself for traveling by bus alone to another country, successfully at that!

Erin (aka Blatthole) and Will (aka Walter) are here for this wedding in Costa Rica so I said I would meet them here, duh! And talk about lucky. They’re practically in this mini mansion that pictures could never do justice and letting me crash for free. SCORE. And there was a washer machine, hot water AND AN AC!!!!!!! WHHHHHAAATT! Saturday they leave to go to this wedding and I was just going to meet them out on town after. Once they leave I start running around all over this big house that I have to myself only to find out I have been locked out the main house hahahaha. Literally my wallet, food, beer everything is inside and they are already at the wedding. I have like 6 hours to kill. Well you can bet your ass I found a window that I climbed in and out of at least 6 times. Grabbed myself a banana, half an avocado and beer. And for any smart ass’s, no you could not unlock the door once inside haha. And I didn’t want all the beer to get hot so I just snuck back in when I needed a new one. Don’t worry, pictures below. Then I get a text from Will saying to come crash the wedding and no one will know hahah. Suppose there is a first for everything! I might have made a few of the pictures from crushing the dance floor. I will say I did not have more than two drinks and didn’t eat any food. That would just be tacky hahaha. So great seeing friends and also was so weird. I haven’t been around my “normal” life in a while now but it was great seeing them! And thank y’all again for everything y’all did for me!

Tamarindo is super cool to come here to surf and party but that’s about it. I am a little partied out believe it or not! So tomorrow I am headed to Arenal and I’m super stoked! I want to hike and check out everything it has to offer so please send any recommendations if you have them! Then to Monteverde possibly but who knows!

Current Viewzz
Ramin and I on the ferry headed to Ometepe
Scootin around
Till and the Volcano


This is Bradley and captured is his love for bread
Haha and this is Cody
I gave Cody my fish to act like it was his 🙂
The boys (Excuse the angle haha)
Here fishy fishy
Lmao this is Anton from New Zealand
Will and Erin!!!
The house views were to die for


The window I climbed in and out of lol

Haha Moteo was a great Taxi driver. We did our best to communicate
LMAO successfully in the wedding
Telling my Wittle Ewin goodbye for now!

5 thoughts on “Adios Nicaragua. Hola Costa Rica!

  1. I love you Rach! So proud of everything you are doing, your Spanish has really improved!!! Miss you already!! See you in 12 weeks 🙂


  2. Please check your venmo for charges related to the “free” AC, washing machine, and bed for two nights.

    Joking, of course. It was great having you stay with us in Costa Rica! Keep the blog posts coming, they are very entertaining. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few months!


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