Pura Vida

Hi freinds!

Right now I am sitting in Panama with one earbud in jamming to 3rd Planet by Modest Mouse and my right ear listening to the birds chirp from my parents house. It has been a minute since I’ve wrote but I have been so busy exploring Costa Rica for the last month! My last post I was sitting in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and since then have been to La Fortuna, Monteverde, Punta Arenas, Montezuma, Jaco, San Jose and Tinamaste! Wow. That is a lot of places haha. You can understand now why I say I’ve been busy!

Hands downs my favorite place in Costa Rica is La Fortuna. I stayed at the nicest hostel called Arenal Backpackers for $13 bucks a night. They had a huge pool and it is definitely a party hostel. But my favorite part of it was the sightseeing. The first day I met these really sweet Puerto Rican girls who were flight attendants at the waterfalls. They were really so sweet. They had a car and we just all piled in and went to grab dinner and drinks and dropped me back off at my hostel. The next day, for $55, I did a hike up one of the volcanos and then went to swim in the green lagoon. I had a beer too many the night before and I knew the only way that I was going to get through this hike was getting in the very front and keep up with the guide and that’s what I did. After we swam in the lagoon we ran down the volcano. Literally. My guide was really proud of myself as I was too because we crushed everyone else. I came in 3rd out of like 60 other people haha. Then we went to this amazing resort to watch the sunset over Volcan Arenal. I’m sure I will use the word breathtaking numerous times to describe Costa Rica, but it was truly BREATHTAKING. Then after the sunset we went to the natural hot springs. This was extremely romantic. Candles lit, put on natural mud masks and drinking some local Costa Rican moonshine. I sat in the dark and laughed with new freinds. I met this SUPER cool chick named Emily, who we shared mutual friends with in San Juan del Sur, and we decided we were going to go river rafting the next day. We had a cute tour guide named Roberto who definitely made our trip so much fun. He took us after to this “secret” swimming hole. (Turn right at the Alamo and once your pass the third bridge you’ve made it) This was another moment I will always cherish. We jumped off cliffs and just sat in silence listening to the water pass by. ALWAYS do as the locals.

Monteverde/Santa Elana, Costa Rica. This place was pretty relaxing. My favorite thing I did here was the cloud forest in Santa Elana. You HAVE to do this and you HAVE to do this alone. Y’all, I literally fell in love with myself, my life and nature. I have to quote what I put in my personal journal because it was one of the most magical feelings ever. “Right now I am sitting in the middle of the cloud jungle on a mossy bench listening to the leaves brush against the plants and trees. Frogs, birds and bugs making their own music and my heart could not be more content. Every breath I breathe is clean and crisp and the sun hitting my skin in between the trees. I wanted to capture this moment forever so I had to take a second and write this down. In this very moment of my life I feel so free and my soul is completely full” Haha so poetic. But honestly y’all I meant every word of it. Truly a special moment! I also met some really cool people out there and we went to go climb these awesome trees that are hallow and you can get to the top. Grabbed dinner, went to the frog ponds and of course, partied together! It is my favorite to meet people and getting to know them.

Punta Arenas, Costa Rica I have a friend, Lauren, from my sorority that lives here so I had to come visit! She was so sweet and let me stay at her place! Brad, the bread lover in my last post, met me back here to travel with me for a bit. We also hung out her boyfriend, Wilker, who was bad ass. He doesn’t speak a lick of English but we still all had the best time ever. You have to get a shot of chili guaro while you’re there. Lauren knew all of the best spots. It was so great being with her and reminiscing over a good ole Four Loco on the beach. She also does this amazing non profit called Hibiscus that y’all should check out! http://hellohibiscus.wixsite.com/hibiscusalternative/ourfamily

Montezuma, Costa Rica We all took a ferry over to Montezuma and stayed at this awesome hotel called El Tajalin! We had the entire place to ourselves. We stayed there for about 3 nights. You might have some luck working the guy down on the prices durging low season. Honestly it was just so nice to have a priavate toilet and a great shower! I don’t care who you are traveling with, SPACE YALL! This place is super hippie and not like, “I’m from Austin, Texas, I know hipster” like real ones. FOR. REAL. But cool as shit of course. We also went walking along the beaches and it was so cool because each beach had a total different vibe and theme and felt very secluded! There is also these waterfalls where you can jump off of for about a 30ft jump! Bradley did it first so of course I had to follow. MAKE SURE you practice landing in your head before you  jump haha. It can be pretty brutal if you don’t land right lol.

After that Bradley and I had some time to kill before we headed to Panama so our next step was to Jaco, Costa Rica! We took a boat from Montezuma to Jaco for $30 and it was so much fun! We saw a bunch of dolphins jumping and met really cool people who were in high school and one who just graduated and are traveling the world. Bradley already had been to Jaco so it was nice to have him show the ropes. But y’all, JACO IS KOOL AF. Honestly you gotta check it out. I didn’t get to go surf but it is supposed to be pretty good surfing. We had the sweetest AIRBNB and host named Kenneth Mora. He wold make us like two or three dinners a night  for free. But honestly great place to stay and recommend him for any budget traveler. Just go to AirBnb and you might be able to find it by his name or if not his cell is 8867-1826. I also recommend checking out this sick old hostel that has graffiti all over it. Ask any local and they’ll get you there. *Travel tip- always ask how much it will cost before you get in the cab*

So after a lovely trip in Jaco with Brad we got to meet back up with his bad ass brother, Cody, in San Jose, Costa Rica. We met up with their friend they met in Jaco, Hernan. But what the coolest part of that is getting to have a local experience instead of just touring around. And we partied with the best of them. But the best part, THE VIEW of downtown San Jose at night. It was incredible, I truly forgot that I was in Costa Rica.

SO then the next destination is Tinamaste, Costa Rica. HAHA This was probably the silliest part of my trip but still one of the coolest. I stayed at my friends “sister in law” hostel. The place was beautiful. I’d recommend anyone check it out ! It is this holistic healing and relaxing place to visit! A little pricey. We paid $60 a person for a twin bed. But again the people and views made it worth it! Definitely meet some interesting people. Thank you Waterfall, Jaguar, bear, and most importantly Sumer!

From there we booked it straight to Panama! I can’t wait to tell y’all all about the experience that I have had here so far!

Waterfall in La Fortuna!

Green lagoon in La Fortuna from hiking the Volcano!

My friend Emily!

River rafting

The swimming hole in La Fortuna

The river raft guide, Emily and myself!

Headed to Monteverde

Climbing the hallow trees

The sickest picture I have ever taken! This is in Monteverde!

Mi amigos I made in Monteverde

This is the cloud forest that I fell in love with

Lauren and I!

One of the beaches we found in Montezuma

Bradley with the cutest kitty at the AirBnb in Jaco

Mi Amigos in Monteverde

The graffiti abandoned hostel

Bradley hanging in Jaco

San Jose downtown

2 thoughts on “Pura Vida

  1. Rach!

    I love reading each and every one of your posts. You look so happy and I’m so excited about all of the amazing places you are getting to see. Also, it looks like all of the people you have met along the way are awesome!

    So happy for you, miss you tons! Can’t wait for the next post 🙂 Love you!



  2. Thank you for sharing your travelling exprience i go through your blog and it was awsome pictures and great writeup of travelling stories .. i also love trvelling. your writeup and stories inspire me to travel more and more. great post for bagpackers. once again thanks for sharing and keep share travel moments and stay alive


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