Most beautiful country in Central America, Panama

Okay so I suck, but my blog post will get better and more frequent I swear. Erin Blatt, my girlfriend from back home, really lights the fire under my ass to do this more often. It’s more difficult when you’re traveling with someone… ahhemm Bradley… But, unfortunately, Bradley left me yesterday to head back to the states. I am super sad to see him leave. I think as a woman we unconsciously seek protection from a man. Not to mention his Spanish and sense of direction is much better than mine. It gives you that comfort you didn’t know you were seeking. Especially in a foreign country. But we shared way too many late nights, lots of laughs and irreplaceable memories and for that I am forever thankful! Miss you already Bradley 🙂 Okay so I’m a couple glasses deep of a lovely $7 bottle of vino listening to Rainy Day in Autumn- Unified Highway sitting in Guatape, Colombia. But today I am going to catch you up on the last few weeks I’ve spent in Panama! But side note, this girl I met, Neena, in Panama City just walked into the same hostel which is so crazy haha. I have a picture of her I’ll show later but y’all have no idea how random and not random it is when this happens. That’s what I love about traveling. You meet so many people and you will never know when your paths cross again.

Boquete, Panama Okay so Bradley and I hop onto a bus April 14th to head to Boquete, Panama. Where I must add, MY PARENTS LIVE THERE! Literally so cool and always impresses me when I get to tell people that. Guess you see where that adventurous spirit comes from. From Costa Rica to the boarder it cost $6 for the bus. We walked the boarder (which is always so cool. I love the idea of leaving one country and standing in the middle of the street not technically being anywhere) When you ride the bus for hours at a time you get creative with your time. Bradley and I had a drawing competition on my iPad (pictures below so you can see who is the better artist yourself haha) My dad picked us up from David, Panama for about a 45-60 minute hour drive to Boquete. There are tons of places in Central America that I can rave about over and over but hands down Boquete is the most beautiful. The next day my sissy came into Panama and Bradley, sissy and my parents headed to this bad ass pool/resort area where we had lots of drinks and great times. The guy who owned the place may have had a slight crush on Bradley. And by slight, I mean 100%. The next day was Easter and we had a full potluck dinner with all of my parents friends. We also visited Raquel’s Ark where we saw baby monkey’s with DIAPERS. WITH EFFING DIAPERS ON. And baby sloths. You know the video of Kristen Bell where she cries when her hubby brings her a sloth……. well let’s just say I get it. I had to play my cool in front of everyone but truth be told my eyes watered up the second I got there. Talk about being over stimulated. We also went zipllining while in Boquete. I was so proud of sissy because she is deathly afraid of heights so it was so cool to watch her overcome her fears. Boquete Tree Trek tours is the best way to go! Our last night before we left for Bocas Del Toro ( The Caribbean side) we had another great dinner at my parents friends. Brad I got to watch the most amazing lightening storm while a cloud rolled through. It was definitely more incredible than you could imagine 😉 I loved Boquete so much while we were there. It was my second time to visit and I left loving it even more than before. It is more centered around retired expat communities but there is still a small group of backpackers and younger locals. Before we left I would say it was like leaving a small town. Everywhere we would we would see people we knew.

Bocas Del Toro, Panama We all headed to the Caribbean for a couple days. What I love about the Caribbean is no matter where you are it always so blue and breathtaking. Sissy, Bradley and I partied our first night there. Well I really partied, too hard for sure haha. But something about being with your people in an incrediable place really lets you let your hair down.. haha. Don’t worry I made my apologies the next day. I Had to suck up the hangover because we were going on a  catamaran that next morning which was SO MUCH FUN! While the boat was going 5 knots I held onto a rope, which is actually pretty challenging. Bradley jumped in going at 7 knots. Let’s just say all we got was a good picture before he flew off hahahahah. It’s pretty damn fast before you judge. We boozed, we snorkeled. It was successful. It is so crazy the different way of life so many people have. You always see so many Indigenous Indians all over the countries and islands. It’s incredible how they live. We met the sweetest guy who cam to our boat to sell coconuts. Our captain said he doesn’t even know his own age because he says a different number every time. I have never seen anyone love coke a cola more than this guy!

When Bradley and I left Boquete we rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Panama City. The first night in Las Lajas we stayed at this really cute glass bottle house. I totally would recommend staying there. There isn’t too much to do there but it was still a nice beach! Then we just kept cruising down the Pacific Coast. It was so nice to have the freedom of a car and just road trip with Bradley. He may beg to differ but I thought I did a great job of co-captain! We would stop at the most amazing beaches and just go surf or grab a couple of beers. Wherever we wanted to go we would go. One of my favorite moments in Panama!

Panama City, Panama So finally we arrived. After being at some pretty secluded and rural areas I think we were both looking forward to being in the city. The roads in Panama City are just nuts. Huge kudos to Bradley for driving because the people there are CRAZY. They just have random road closures where you have to turn around on one way ramps and go the other way haha. It is literally a free for all. Panama City has a great nightlife and some amazing rooftop bars! We met some really cool people in our hostel and went out with them for a couple nights. (The same girl that I ran into while writing this. Neena, from Holland.) This guy we met while zip lining in Boquete we ran into in Bocas Del Toro and he lives in Panama City. He told us to reach out to him when we got here. So we did and turns out, Lincoln, lives in this bad ass high rise apartment, Yacht Club, with a sick pool that wraps around the whole building. Bradley and I are laying out by the pool and he walks up with a cooler full of beers and some snacks. SERIOUSLY the coolest guy ever. Our last night in PC my parents met us and took us to a great dinner and then drinks at the Trump tower downtown. Bradley and I had to get up early to get ready for sailing from Panama to Colombia so we told ourselves we were going to go to sleep right after dinner… But after dinner and drinks we stumbled across the casino hahaha….. 4AM later we were getting back to the hostel with 8 liters of wine and two big handles of rum and 4 ramen noodles to last us on our 6 day sail. Stay tuned to hear about the sail and my time in Colombia!

For now my sweet friend and her boyfriend have invited me to dinner so time to sign off for now! Tomorrow I am headed back to Medellin and taking the 10 hr overnight bus to Bogota, Colombia!

With a happy heart – Rachel

My Sunset
Bradley’s sunset
Bradley’s picture
Exploring the resort in Boquete
First day in Boquete! Dad, mom, bartender, sissy, Bradley and me!
Dad teaching me how to drive a stick shift haha
The pool/resort we visited in Boquete
THE. STASH. He looks like an 80’s porn star lol
Cutest little Easter bunny
Rock climbing!
Easter Sunday behind a coffee plantation
This amazing hostel/castle we stayed at in Boquete


Can you see the water in my eyes?


Start/end of my night in Bocas where I owed a few apologies
Our friend we made on the boat who loves his Coke!
Bradley and I


Me and dad!
5 knots..
Glass House!


Beach along the coast of Panama
Rooftop bar in PC!
Freinds from the hostel! And Neena!


Lincoln’s condo
Panama City
Mom and dad in Panama City
Night views!
Big winner 🙂


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