Wild guess where I am right now? Yet another bus. If you’ve been reading my last few blogs it seems that they’ve all been on the bus. Started out with a glass of wine and bad ass scenery when I would sit down to write. But here we are, meeting like this again. To be honest I am really liking the busses now. I would not have guessed. But yesterday I was on a bus for 17 hours, today is 5 and tomorrow I am taking another 17 hours bus. I am currently leaving Lima, Peru headed to Ica, Peru. I am so pumped to talk about Colombia though! FINALLY!! (Currently listening to All The Time- Bahamas) Tune in por favor.
So we sail in from Panama to Cartagena, Colombia and arrive early morning May 6th! It is so nice to see land! I woke up at like 5Am that day to catch the sunset (which was anticlimactic thanks to the clouds) Bradley and I both agree that we are booking a hotel instead of a hostel haha. “We deserved it”. But honestly y’all, sleep on a sail boat for a week and you would want to be served on and not just rush back into a coed dorm. Not to mention we are in dire need for laundry and just get our bags reorganized. Everyone on the sail boat wanted to meet back up that night so we agreed to get together later. Bradley and I grab the most amazing pizza in “old town”. In Cartagena there is two parts that people refer to. Old and New Town. Our hotel was new town but most of our time was spent in old town. That night we all met at this salsa bar. Which someone who loves to leave my soul and heart on the dance floor it kills me not being able to Salsa.. so I am still working on this and asking every local I meet for a quick lesson until I get this down. The next day I was super proud of how touristy Bradley and I were being. We walked all over old town and got some amazing pictures. Cartagena I think can be knocked out quickly but no matter where you go or what you do it has such a romantic vibe about it. The colors are so rich and the streets just have something in the air that makes it feel magical! Bradley only had a little bit of time left before he had to head back home so we decide to fly to Medellin, Colombia the next morning instead of take a bus.
We jump on the plane May 8th in the morning for like $60 and land that afternoon in Medellin, Colombia. This was hands down both of our favorites in Colombia. I must admit that we probably spent majority of our time partying here instead of doing touristy things hahaha. I feel bad because people have been asking for tips in Colombia and what to do and to be perfectly honest we just had a great time. The first night we got there we checked into this hostel that was supposed to be a party hostel. Which we both agreed we didn’t like. NO OFFENSE but there were these Jersey guys that were such meat heads. Also this guy from Israel that was a little off who invited himself to dinner with us haha. Which you will actually find a lot. There are so many times where I have been sitting eating at a hostel and guys or girls will just come sit down next to me when there are thousands of open seats haha. Just part of the “backpacker” culture. The next day we head into town and catch the metro to the cable cars where you can get an amazing view of Medellin. Bradley had a really bad cough and sore throat so we stopped at the pharmacy to get some cough medicine…. haha well someone decided they knew best and took the same amount they would have back at home. Well full disclosure it is way stronger in Colombia than in Texas. Needless to say, Bradley was pretty loopy for the rest of the day but I was getting a great kick out of it. It’s as like watching a drugged puppy walk around. Pretty hilarious. 
The entire time Bradley and I were sailing we kept saying how cool it would be to catch a futbal game in Colombia. They next day there is the Nacional Medellin team playing against Brazil. This is the final championship game. We get bad ass seats right in the middle for $30 dollars that night. Our cab driver helped us scalp tickets haha. YALL THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART OF COLOMBIA. I can’t even explain perfectly how incredible this was. There is the north side of the stadium that just goes NUTS. If you’ve ever been to an Aggie game (sorry if you have, hahaha kidding!!) but the student section is supposed to be just yelling and standing the entire time. Well times this by one million. It was amazing to see fans truly being fanatic about their team. Bradley and I were told many times that going to this game would be dangerous. And under no circumstances wear yellow or red or literally we could be stabbed. Just to wear white that way we show that we are neutral. I will say neither of us felt scared or uncomfortable BUT if we were on the North side and wearing red that would be a completely different story haha. Bradley and I didn’t even know this but do you remember the plane that crashed with Brazils futbal team and everyone died but the goally? Well last year they were headed to the same championship game against Medellin. Their second string ended up playing and of course Medellin won but they dedicated their trophy to Brazil. Well this was the exact same championship one year later. Both teams have so much respect for each other and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to go to such a cool and monumental game. On Bradley’s last day he was flying out to Bogota that night so we just walked around town. We went to this really cool modern art museum and just hung around at the mall. Ive already mentioned how shitty it was when he left so no need to revisit haha but that night I was obviously very bummed for him to go. 
The next day I get on a bus and head towards Guatape! This is where I was at when I was writing about Panama and ran into my friend Neena in my other blog post! This place is supposed to be really pretty and has this huge rock that you can climb with an amazing view. The density of this rock is 6600 pounds per sq.ft for a total of 66 million of tons!! That’s a pretty big ass rock. It is about 7012ft above sea level which made it not completely easy to climb up haha. But worth every bit of it. I stayed at this hostel called “all in” which was Vegas themed and I recommend to anyone to stay there! The owner was so nice and gave me a private room. Which was so so appreciated! 
After Guatape I jumped on an overnight bus to Bogota, Colombia! I arrived on May 15th that morning. This was the day I considered a bit of a wash. I got the phone call that my storage unit had been broken into and it just seemed like that day one thing after another was going wrong. (Read about it in my blog post, Shit days traveling too) But that evening I met this really sweet girl from Canada. Her and I grabbed a drink that night and were going to wake up the next morning and go explore Bogota together! We had a hell of a productive day the next day. We walked around town. These two students stopped us to interview us about what our opinions were on illuminate haha. We went to this really cool gold museum. Ran into a full on protest/march in the streets. Neither one of us knew what they were protesting but it was so cool to see. We went up and did the cable cars and caught an amazing sunset. I ate fried ants! And then we went out that night to Gringo Tuesday hahahah. I blame my hangover on those rainbow shots we took at the bar! 
I took that hangover and jumped on a THIRTY SIX HOUR JOURNEY to Quito, Ecuador. But before the boarder there is an incredible church, Las Lajas Sanctuary, that looks like a castle. It made every part of that 36 hour trip worth it. I highly encourage anyone check it out. I think it is one of Colombia’s non overpopulated or visited hidden treasures. I hate that my pictures aren’t uploading but you can find them on Facebook! Link is in my home page. Or search Rachel Marie Thompson!
Soon I will update pictures and post all about Ecuador!

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