Getting Chilly in Chile

Am I really the only person in South America who didn’t put together the whole hemisphere thing. And because of it, it is actually FREEZING in Chile while I am still trying to rock one of my three swimsuits? Well as we know I am prone to be a tad dramatic… so not literally freezing. But for this Texas gal, 40-50 degree weather is FREEZING TO DEATH. Good thing I had my llama sweater and one I bought for my boyfriend as a souvenir. (Which I ended up wearing the whole time on top of my sweater haha. Sorry Brad!) Right now I am listening to – “A Place Like This by Majid Jordan”
So I am already a little disappointed in this post because I am writing about one of the most amazing places I visited in South America but it was from over a month ago and I did not do a great job of keeping up in my personal journal. To be honest this was the last leg of my trip and I was so ready to relax and stay in a hostel for longer than two days. But nonetheless I still did some amazing things in Chile that was unforgettable and worth the mention.

So after I cross the boarder form Peru I ended up in Arica, Chile. I got there around 10PM so as I waiting at the station for my bus I went upstairs to get a GLASS of wine and some dinner.. Well I accidentally ordered myself a whole bottle of wine. (Que the language barrier) And it is rude to waste any… so needless to say I was feeling good by the time I needed to get on my bus. I arrived in Calama at 4am.. my bus got there so early. It is pitch black, no wifi and (seriously this time) it is 30 degrees outside. The next bus won’t leave until 7am and everything is closed. So my only option is to sack up.. literally.. find a well lit corner and sleep on top of my backpack until it is 7 in the morning. The sweetest thing happened right when I fell asleep. This woman came up to me with a huge pink blanket. I assumed she was selling it to me as I was use to that in Peru but then realized she was giving it so me because she could see me literally shivering. I didn’t care that I probably looked homeless. It was such a kind gesture. That was just the start of how I viewed the people in Chile, kind hearted. Around 6:40 this man is lightly kicking me and says, “San Pedro? Vamos” Haha hell yeah! Get me out of here!

I met back up with a friend I knew in Peru in San Pedro Atacama. It is so beautiful here. There is the moon valley where you can catch a beautiful view of the sunset. That night we also went to star gaze and I got an incredible view of galaxy’s, stars and the moon! The next day my friend, Javier, and I jump on a plane for $80 for a 2 hour flight to Santiago. This was such a blessing. The bus was over 24 hours and cost $70…. You do the math hahah.

Santiago, Chile. I have about a week here and I LOVE my hostel, La Chimba. Best wifi, decent breakfast, in a cool part of Santiago, and comfy beds that are in little nooks. During my time in Santiago, I went to a winery called Undurraga that had delicious wine! Went to an Andy Warhol exhibit. Met up with a dear friend I made sailing back in Colombia for lunch and dinner! AND WENT SNOWBOARDING!!!! I really want to brag about how I shredded the mountain up but to be honest, it was snowing so incredibly hard I wasn’t able to hardly see anything. Really was bummed out. No one was on the mountain and half the runs were closed. But I chose to make the best of it. Hell, I am traveling the world snowboarding in Chile. Who am I to bitch about it?

I took a bus to Valparaiso, Chile where it is a cute colorful town near the sea. I did a walking tour and got to check out the amazing streets full of graffiti. I treated myself, on accident, to a really nice dinner on the shore line with good wine. I headed back to Santiago after this trip because this is where I was flying out of to head back to Texas! I have a friend, Tina, who is from Chile and her mothers house is now a hostel so I wanted to go by for her and take pictures of the beautiful home! I jumped on their metro but on the way I grabbed that same pink blanket that kind lady gave to me and gave it to this homeless man by the station. I hope that blanket continues to bring warmth and happiness to others like it brought me! Chile was overall incrediable. I wish I could remember every detail. But there is no denying that this is a MUST if you get the chance to be in South America.

I am now currently in Bangkok, Thailand! I have been back home visiting friends, family and of course Bradley. Today is my first day here and I am looking forward to seeing what the next chapter of my travels look like!!!!


My pink blanket
San Pedro


Cute puppy for sale in the markets of San Pedro
Moon Valley with amazing sunset
I took this through the telescope!
I forgot what these are called but a must eat hotdog in Chile!!
Flying out to Santiago
Andy Warhol!


My freinds Sarah from sailing from Panama to Colombia
Later we met for a lovely dinner that night and wine pairing
My favorite hostel, La Cimba
Underago Winery


Snowboarding El Colorado


Can’t see anything in front of me


Walking tour in Valparaiso


My “fancy” dinner I treated myself
Best frenchfries, another must eat in Chile
Tina’s moms house
Streets of Santiago


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