Haha made you look 🙂 Okay not actually my birthday, yet. But it is my birthday month!!! (Something my boyfriend thinks I’ve made up.) August 21st I am turning the big 2-8! I’ve just spent the last week on a beautiful island in Thailand, Koh Samui, with my girlfriend Maddie. She told me that 28 is supposed to be a girls prime year? Anyone else agree with this? I’ll take it!

This year is already one of the best! I am so looking forward to my birthday this year. I can assure you I have always spent it with friends and family. But this year I will celebrate by myself, and I am PUMPED! No bull shit here. I really mean it! Something really liberating about celebrating alone. *Party for one* 😉 I’m so excited because this part of my journey is 100% about me. I am on a mission to find and explore myself. To better myself. To get fit and healthy. To challenge myself. To drink less. Grow spiritually. And so on! 

What I am the most excited about is my campaign I am raising money for instead of the typical birthday celebrations! Something I have become very passionate about is Living Water. It is a nonprofit who is dedicated to bringing clean water to countries that do not have something we take for granted everyday! I am guilty of it all the time. There is 663 MILLION people who do not have access to clean drinking water. This breaks my heart. And did you know if you donate just $25 YOU provide clean water to a family for an entire year!! 

I am asking for those that want to celebrate me this year to please do so by donating to my charity and sharing what I’m doing! 

In return I am getting an upside down triangle which is the symbol for water. It was on my bucket list to get it done in Thailand by a bamboo stick, and that’s what I’m going to do!! I have an aggressive goal of 2,800 and I am not giving up!! Please click the link below!!

Rachel Gone Wild for a Cause

Also, I want to hear from y’all! What was our favorite birthday year and why? Did anyone do something different than celebrating? Any challenges you have yourself? Looking for some inspo!


The birthday girl 🙂 xx 

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