Bangkok, Thailand

SAWASDEE KA!! That means hello! And now we both officially know the same amount of Thai, haha. My last post I wrote about my time in Koh Tao and getting my open water certification but I still have yet to tell you about my time in Thailand thus far! (Look at me saying “thus” being all fancy on ya!) My camera album is full of pictures of my food, selfies and so many amazing blue beaches I can hardly tell which is where. OH, how could I forget, right now I am sitting at the airport headed to Chiang Mai listening to “The Less I Know The Better” by Tame Impala. My friend Erin, previously mentioned 1,000 times as my favorite blog reader, has requested me to list every song I am listening to as I write. Fortunately for you I think she is the only one so I am not going to do that. But Erin, don’t worry you can still listen along! Go to my Spotify “Rachel Marie Thompson” and shuffle my album “Travel Dayz”.

Thursday 27 I am sitting wide awake 4AM in Bangkok, Thailand in my hostel eating bread that was sitting out for breakfast. I have just flown from Houston, Dallas, Seoul and then Bangkok. Had flight delays but no big deal (Thank you for the mimosas United Club! Did you know they cut you off?? I thought it was all you can drink….. but apparently the open bar is not buffet style. Wish I was just making a joke. But I did get cut off, alone, at United Club… awk) Once I finally arrive to Bangkok I went to get money out of the ATM and catch a cab to my hostel. I get to the hostel and open my wallet and realize, I DO NOT HAVE MY DEBIT CARD. Damn it! I just got there and now I only have $200 to my name and no means to get more money. If you leave a debit card in the ATM machine it will eat it and never give it back FYI. Thank you mom for impersonating me to Wells Fargo so I could get that card expedited to Bangkok! I have freinds that live in Bangkok who were out of town of my arrival so before I met up with them I took Bangkok on with my $200 (no one takes credit cards) and had an amazing time! It literally was a dream of mine to have Pad Thai in Thailand… to get a Thai massage in Thailand and I did it all!!! Lunch cost around $2, massages $6-8 for an hour, unlimited data SIM card $11. I’m in heaven!!! I did the must sees like Grand Palace. Which I changed three times and still was not dressed appropriately and had to buy a wrap to cover my leggings! I went to the floating market which IS AH-MAZ-ING. You are in a little boat and float around on the river while people are selling you things. It was one of my favorite things I did! Saw the reclining Buddha and other temples! Thailand and in particular, Bangkok, has been great! Minus the excessive amount of spitting that the Thai’s do. I cannot STAND luggies, snot or spitting so they are really giving me a run for my money here.  Also the pollution is SO bad. I actually ended up getting an eye infection while I was here because of it. But back to the positives – people are SO NICE (with the exception of large service industries) It has been great being around such kind and freindly people. I have eatin and eatin again. Half the time I don’t know what it is and I am not asking questions. And everyone, for the most part, speaks English! Which for whatever reason I am still trying to speak Spanish to everybody when it is absolutely not necessary. Anyways, I digress …..

I really was struggling with jet lag for a while. So Saturday the 28th I get a “brillant” idea. After my day of exploring I was going to take one of my Adderals (which I am prescribed) around 4:00pm so I am forced to stay up all night and then I will be back to normal! Let me tell you how it went down…. 4:00 take Adderal. 4:45 it hits me. 5:00 after making friends with everyone in my room I decide to go to the bar, by myself, and grab some drinks. I don’t know about yall but when I take adderal it makes me VERY freindly. VERY. And always makes me want to party. Well I did just that. Some of the people in my hostel, whose ears I talked off previously, joined me later for a beer. But by that time it was too late. I had another brillant idea to message in the Facebook group, “Girls Love Travel” (if you are a woman go follow this page, it really is awesome) and I post in there like a blind date…. I literally said something like “Hey I am in Bangkok if anyone wants to meet up.” Three hours later I am in a 30 minute Uber headed to the Aloft hotel to meet a girl that I don’t even know exactly what she looks like, let alone how to pronounce her name, for drinks. Y’all I end up having the BEST night ever haha. She was so amazing and so fun! We went and listened to live music. We met up with another girl from the Facebook page and stayed out all night. Now in normal circumstances I would not put myself out there like that but I am so glad I did. And I will do it again for sure, without adderal this time. Spoiler alert: it did NOT help my jet lag. I slept the whole day because my hangover…. so do not try at home. My experiment was an absolute fail.

My freind from Houston was back in Bangkok so we met up on July 3st! Her name is Maddie and her boyfreind Nelson, which I adore both of them! Nelson was from Thailand and moved back here for work along with Maddie! I was so excited to have some normalcy around me. Saying that I missed Bradley, my boyfreind, is an understament. I was so sad to leave him and my freinds. And be 12 hours ahead!! That is not easy. (I have felt more lonely this trip that I did my entire time in central and South America. But that is OKAY!) Nonetheless, I am so excited to see Maddie! She finds me wondering the streets trying to find her condo and gets me situated in the room I am staying in at her place! That day she had scheduled us a cycling class, which I could not wait for and was terrified at the very same time. We jump on the metro and headed to her studio. Side note *when we were walking a HUGE rate ran across the street and we both grabbed each other and yelled as this older Thai man just laughed at us. And this is not my first time to see rats in Thailand. YUK!* We get to the studio and had a great workout! The instructor spoke in Thai and English and it was very similar to the classes back home! We had so much fun!! Later than night Nelson took us out to the best dinner! He ordered everything and we ate so much and washed it down with a glass of vino! Put me straight into a food coma. Thank you Nelly again for dinner and Maddie for letting me crash with y’all!

Next day Maddie and I meet her friends up on the other side of town for boxing!! It was an hour and half and was so intense. We were pretty much the only women in there and it was as authentic as it gets. There were so many guys wrestling on the mats in pools of sweat. My hands smelled of boxing gloves for three days straight!! After we all went to a food court for dinner! Maddie was able to take some time off and travel with me for a bit so we booked flights to Surat Thani that night to catch a ferry and head to Koh Samui!!

Stay tuned for Maddie and my adventures on our week long trip in Koh Samui, one of the best islands in Thailand!!


Floating Market
Friends I made along the way!
At the temples


The girls from irks Love Travel Facebook group
Maddie and I headed to our cycle class
Bangkok metro
Nelson and Maddie!!!
Boxing class and Maddie’s freinds
Maddie and I about to take off for Koh Samui!!!


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