Island Hopping Around Thailand

It’s my birthday and I can *blog* if I want to! Currently 4:30pm August 21st in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I just tried to start the party and get myself some vino at 7/11 but they don’t sell until 5:00.. buzz kill. Someone needs to introduce Jimmy Buffet ‘it’s 5:00 somewhere’ to Thailand. Currently listening to “Thinking About It” by Nathan Goshen – KVR Remix (Morning Commute on Spotify *shuffle*)

August 2nd Maddie, my freind who just moved to Thailand from the states, and I are boarding the plane from Bangkok headed to Surat Thani to take a bus than ferry to Koh Samui!! We are going to spend about a week there. It took us about 3 hours total in transportation to get to Koh Samui. It was late so first night we checked into our hostel, Chill Inn, grabbed dinner and a couple drinks and passesd out. That next morning we went kayaking. Let me just say there were some hilarious moments before we got our cute “candid” pictures. For example, Maddie bottomed out a time or two, then I literally got stuck in the rocks and Maddie, as the great supportive freind, took pictures of me trying to get out of the rocks and tripping all over the place haha. We went to go see what they call the “Penis Rock”. I don’t think I need to explain that and if I do you’re probably too young anyways. We had such a great time. Even gave someon’s drone some great footage. As it followed us for about 20 minutes! Then after that we checked into the CUTEST hut in Koh Samui. I can’t recommend enough if you are going and on a budget stay at “New Hut” for $9 a night. The service is shit but you can’t complain too much when you are paying $4.50 each a night for a great beach front hut! After relaxing on the beaches we decided we wanted to head to Chaweng beach where there is more of a night life. We literally had a BLAST. We got braids in our hair (tacky AF but worth every penny for how hard we laughed until we cried), drank, ate street food, lady boy shows and more drinks. The rest of our time on Chaweng beach we went to the night markets, had frozen drinks by the beach, ate, ate again and went out to check out the nightlife. After Chaweng beach we went to Silver Beach. We took Maddie’s nice Canyon camera out and snagged some awesome pictures. Then we went to Jungle Bar on our last night which is another MUST. Had the best view of Koh Samui, amazing food, and a couple bottles of wine was consumed 🙂 Maddie and I had such a wonderful time together! Maddie is so charismatic and such a wonderful uplifting personality. I loved every minute of being with her.

That next morning she left and I headed to Koh Tao to get my diving certification. (Read all about Koh Tao in my “Koh Tao” blog post) I had to make a decision if I was going to go to the full moon party that night or not. Before I traveled I wrote out a bucket list, full moon party in Thailand was one of them. As I have mentioned in a few of my post this is a much tamer part of my trip as far as going out but that is because I want to have a different expereince. However, that isn’t why I choose to skip it this time. Full moon party point blank is NOT a great idea to go by yourself. Unfortunately, the reality is that it is extremely common for solo woman to be drugged. I don’t want to make claims to something I do not have experience on but this was told to me more than any “travel advisory” I have been warned about. This was coming from other well travelers, locals and people from expereince. The best part of traveling is I get to do whatever I want. If something doesn’t feel good, do NOT do it. That is my ONLY travel rule. It didn’t feel good, so I didn’t go. Period.

OH! It is 4:50, time to head back to the store. BRB. *great time for you to take a break and go read about Koh Tao!!!*

5:07 … not too bad considering they made me wait until the clock turned 5:00. Much better!! So now that you have caught up on Koh Tao let me pick up where I left off at.

Saturday the 12th I headed to Krabi! I had to take two different ferries, a bus and then a van from Koh Tao. Most people do not stay in Krabi they head to the coast and I headed to Ao Nang. I grabbed dinner a beer then off to bed. Sunday I woke up early and headed out to adventure around. I saw some boats outside, looked at my Google maps, and headed off to a different beach, Railey. Once I got to Railey I grabbed breakfast and then started to wonder around the town. There is not too much to do on this beach. But then I found a little trail and started hiking. About 20 minutes through I found another beach, Ton Sai. This beach was totally isolated. (Later I found out it is a great spot for glowing plankton, but unfortunately did not do this there). When I came back it was high tide haha. So my little path was now full of waist deep water and I had my back pack with my journal and cell phone and other things that were not meant to get wet. One floating flip flop and some cuts I made it with my belongings back on the beach. The ocean here is AMAZING yall. That goes for every beach I visited. But do keep in mind that it isn’t always what you see on those Facebook videos. It can be full of people. There is trash, Etc. Nonetheless, it is still some of the best beaches I have ever seen comparing it to the Caribbean and Pacific. My adventure was not over yet. Then I boated back from Railey (200BAHT total/$6.00US) and went to find the monkey trail. It was so cool just walking down this path and all of these wild monkeys jumping around. All you need to spend here is about 20 minutes. Then I went to grab lunch. By lunch time I had already walked over 6 miles! I worked out then went back to my hostel to book a trip to be taken to the night market in the town of Krabi! All I did when I got there was eat and then it started to rain (it is monsoon season) so I went to go get a massage and then after watched Thai people sing American karaoke songs on the stage in the center of the market. It was AH-MAZ-ING.

The next morning I jumped on a ferry to head to Koh Phi Phi. My freind Julie had tagged me in one of the Facebook videos that has gone viral about the Phi Phi islands so I thought it would be cool to go, for her, and take pictures of my time there. Right when I got there I went to book a snorkel trip and that would take you to all the different islands around Koh Phi Phi. It was 800BAHT/$25US which is more expensive but I will explain later why. We went to Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Pi-leh bay, Loh Samah and Maya Beach. We snorkeled, swam with “plankton” (total bust the beach was full of trash and couldn’t see it) and visited where Leo filmed “The Beach”. Again, not everything is what it seems. They payed a lot of money to rent that island to film the movie. When you go all you get is a couple hours to poke your head in and it is very touristy. Just to visit Maya beach, where “The Beach” was filmed, is 400BAHT/$12.50. But you have to do it. If you decide not to, which some chose to stay on the boat then your trip only cost $12.50 to visit all of those places and include water, fruit and lunch. It was not amazing snorkeling but I still recommend it is something you should do. It is still a good bang for your buck. Towards the end it started to rain and became freezing. Luckily EVERY GIRL had their boyfreind to keep them warm haha. I know, I know, I sound bitter. But to my defense I was sitting at the front of the boat getting soaked, didn’t bring a towel and then turn around to see every girl wrapped in a towel and their boyfriends arms. SEE?! You’d be bitter too. I wished Bradley was there. Not to keep me warm but I want him to expereince all of this with me. I want my freinds to expereince this with me. I am seeing and doing amazing things that pictures cannot capture. Sometimes I give up even taking a picture because it truly doesn’t capture the moments. After I got back I showered and made some freinds at the hostel and we went for drinks and dinner and went to go see a fire show for a bit! That next morning I headed out to have breakfast and have a “date” with Bradley. Really just setting time aside to FaceTime. But something fun about calling it a date. I try to look a little extra cute and put a little more effort in our conversations.  Then we go dutch on the bill hahha. What a perfect date? One time maybe I’ll just start to Venmo him for my food. Haha kidding babe! (Not kidding.) After I met back up with my crew from the night before and we went to check out the view point of Koh Phi Phi and just boozed until the sun went down. Next morning I woke up and jumped on yet another ferry, to Phuket!

You may have heard of Phuket as it is the largest island in Thailand. But I wasn’t all that impressed. As it seems I am not the only one that feels this way about Phuket. It is now August 16th and book my ticket for an hour and half ferry. Yall, this was AWFUL. The ferry felt like one of those water rides at 6 flags. We aren’t even 10 minutes in and we are bouncing up and down like a speed boat. They start heading out puke bags like we are all about to go trick-or-treating. Immediately my face just says, “oh shit” by one glance. I turn my headphones on and Netflix to distract me. But EVERYONE is getting so sick it is starting to smell. Some people are throwing up like a dying animal you can’t help but turn around and look at them and immediately regret that decision. But it’s like a car accident you can’t help it. I am proud to say I was a survivor in this and and not get sick! But before we arrived something amazing happened. There was a Thai woman sitting next to me whose little girl was asleep in her arms wrapped in a blanket. Once her littler girl woke up the woman could see that my skin literally looked like a chicken because I was so cold, arm hair sticking straight up. She wrapped me in her beach blanket. I looked at her with the biggest eyes of thankfulness. If you have read my blog posts you will have read how another woman did this for me when I was sleeping outside at 4am in Chile waiting for the bus. I could just cry tears of joy at how amazing people are. Once we arrived I went to give it back to her and she signaled, because she did not speak English, for me to keep it. UGHHH!! Like are you kidding me?? Last time I donated my blanket in Chile to a homeless man but I can’t give this one up. I have been attached to it ever since I got it. It is like my Thai mother gave it to me. It feels like a piece of home, I can’t explain it. In other words, I turned 28 today and just got attached to a blanky hahaha.

Finally I arrive in Phuket! ***I JUST FINSHED MY BLOG AND LOST EVERYTHING AFTER THIS. Made me feel like I was in college and finished my paper right when my computer crashed! AHHH!!*** Anyways, I arrive in Phuket and really didn’t too much. I went around “old town” and went to their night Indy market. I attempted to work out but could not find their free yoga in the park. It is the thought that counts right? Next day I fly out so again, did not do too much. I go for a run and 15 minutes in I completely wipe out in front of an entire workout group in the park. When I say wipe out I mean I left half the skin on my knee on the pavement. My iPhone screen slid half way off and I popped it back in?? Didn’t even crack! At least any more than it is already cracked *eye roll*. I share this minor detail because my knee has been infected like crazy ever since. It has been such a pain. It isn’t like a normal scrape you get back in the states. Different things in the air here. After I went swimming with the elephants the other day in Chiang Mai my knee got disgusting and had to remove the scab. GROSS. But hey, yall wanna know about my travels. These are just parts of it. Shit is different here. Like getting an eye infection in Bangkok because pollution is so bad.

Ok so here is one of the craziest things that has happened, that I can at least share because it is PG enough! So I walk to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport which is about an hour away. Am sitting sideways where I am starring directly at the bus driver. 40 minutes in I notice the bus driver’s eyes getting really heavy. I start recording him on my iPhone because I KIND OF thought it was funny. But then I realize it isn’t just him feeling tired. He actually is starting to fall asleep. You know those fight or flight situations that I am sure everyone has been in. Your body rushes with blood, you flushed in the face, your heart pounding…. YALL HE FELL ASLEEP. I swear to you. His head bops down and wakes him up before I can even do anything. Now I am trying to decide my next move. Again, things are different when you are traveling. You do not want to cause scenes, they don’t speak any English and what do I do?? Jump out of the bus on the highway?? Before I tell you what I do, it is important that you do whatever you feel is right. If for you that means jump out of the bus then get out. Always follow your gut even if it is overly cautious when you travel. So my next move was tap the woman sitting in the passenger seat who works for the company. I tell her he is falling asleep in a pretty frantic voice. She doesn’t understand me so now I am playing charades…. at this point *SCENE HAS BEEN CAUSED*. Everyone knows the national sign for, “bus driver sleeping while driving”. She then repeats what I said to him in Thai which makes me uncomfortable but whatever. She then makes small talk to keep him awake until we arrive to the airport. Really quickly, my plane ride was shit to Chiang Mai too. I am a pretty experienced flyer but I have had white-knuckle in the seat turbulence three times. This being one of them. So considering my ferry, bus and flight I am literally thanking God to be standing on my two feet in Chiang Mai!

Be on the look out for my Chiang Mai post. This has been my favorite part of my trip so far! I can’t wait to tell yall all about it!!! For my birthday today please go check out my “It’s my birthday” blog post and read how you can celebrate with me today!!!


xx Rachelimg_7452img_7607

New Hut
Lady Boy Show
$1 a piece
After LMAO
Ark Bar


Jungle Bar


Ton Sia


Thanks to high tide
Monkey Trail
Ferry ride to Koh Samui


Koh Phi Phi
Maya Beach “The Beach” was filmed


Monkey beach


This disgusting guy fell out of my hair after my beach hopping tour
New freinds


Phuket old town











































































































































































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  1. I laughed out loud sitting here on the patio at Las Olas beach having my coffee when I read the part about the group throwing up on the ferry! I always feel like I’m right there with you when I read your blog! Keep it up!


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